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1) Cart-Abandonment Email Series


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1) Cart-Abandonment Email Series

Purpose: To Recover Lost Sales

The main purpose of this sequence is to recover lost sales. As people visit your store, there are many scenarios as to why they abandoned without buying. However, because you have captured their info, you’re able to follow up with them via email marketing using your email auto-responder software.


2) Welcome Email Series

Purpose: To Recover Lost Sales

The main purpose of this sequence is to welcome your customers the RIGHT WAY. People want to hear from you and gain trust that you are a legit company that cares. The way to do this is to through transparency. Take this opportunity to build this relationship with them. It's also a great opportunity to upsell them, as well as, get ask for feedback on the product(s) they purchased when they arrive.


3) Upsell Series

Purpose: To Increase Your A.O.V. (Average Order Value)

The main purpose of this sequence is to increase your A.O.V. by offering upsells. In many cases, your buyers will be thankful you set this up. 

Why? Imagine if you want to grill out hot dogs. You know you would need hot dogs, hot dog buns, and mustard. Would you rather drive to one store and pick up all three items, or would you rather go to three different stores? I think the answer is obvious. That’s why having an email sequence in place to offer everything they need will not only benefit your customer but also increase your A.O.V.

4) Cross-Sell Series

Purpose: To Promote Related And Semi-Related Products

The main purpose of this sequence is to offer additional related products that will benefit your audience even more.

Compare it to fishing. At this point you’ve hooked quite a lot of fish with your front-end offer. And maybe you’ve hooked a few more with your upsell offer. Rather than casting the same “bait” and getting zero bites, it’s time to take a look inside your tackle box. Cross-selling gives you the opportunity to cast different baits that may end up hooking a lot more!

In the digital product world, many times business owners turn toward cross-selling affiliate offers (real-life example below).

In the physical product world, let’s imagine you sell a vacuum cleaner. Knowing your audience are people who purchase products to clean floors, it could be a profitable idea to offer a mop. Now they can not only keep their carpet clean, they can now keep their hard surfaces clean.

In some cases, insight-selling is needed to bridge the gap on WHY they need to purchase it. By that I mean teaching in a “have you thought about [idea] to [benefit]?” kinda way. That’s why the ‘Welcome Series’ bridges the gap between DIY (do it yourself) to “This product will make it easier than ever!”
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