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Why Professional Logo is Important?

A logo is essential in any business, big or small, to provide a visual identity and as a recognizable symbol of your organization.

A logo is critical...

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Why Professional Logo is Important?

A logo is essential in any business, big or small, to provide a visual identity and as a recognizable symbol of your organization.

A logo is critical for business success through brand-recognition. Think coca-cola. Everyone knows that particular colour red and that swirly script that we associate with one of the most well-branded soft drinks on the market.

CokaCola Logo DesignHaving a strong logo and brand like this one means that we don't have to think on a conscious level, "what does this represent?", we can automatically locate this brand at a glance.

This is the kind of brand recognition that is possible when you have a strong brand to launch into the marketplace through signage and advertising. People will come to recognize your brand at a glance, and the more they see it, the more you will be remembered as the "go to" company for your particular product or service.


The Infamous $100,000 logo design

Next Logo DesignMany design companies will offer you a fixed price and one option for your logo. We do not. An infamous example of the 'fixed price one option logo design' is the NeXT Logo designed by Paul Rand at a cost to Steve Jobs of $100,000.

Steve Jobs has this memorable comment regarding working with Paul Rand; “I asked him if he would come up with a few options, and he said, ‘No, I will solve your problem for you and you will pay me. You don’t have to use the solution. If you want options go talk to other people.’”

Unfortunately, there are still companies that work this way, which is fine if their concept works well for your company. But if not - then you have just paid a large sum for a logo that you will probably feel obliged to use because of your investment in both time and money.


How is creating a logo design with Activate Design different?

At Activate Design, logos are our passion, and we would prefer to work with you to create a logo that exceeds your expectations. We do this by listening to you, by offering your choices and by listening to your feedback.

We do not outsource your design work.  Our experienced designers will meet with you to discuss your needs. We then research your market to create a unique concept that will make you stand out from the crowd. The research is important to us because you need to be different.

For example, if we were doing a logo for your new soft drink company, it would be prudent to avoid a certain shade of red, and any similar swirly fonts that may relate to existing well-known brands. Business logo design is not just about creating something visually pleasing, it's about doing the research to back it up. About providing a design solution that meets the ongoing marketing needs of your company and being able to provide the reasons why it will work not and for the long term.


What should a logo mean to me?

A logo is something that you should be proud to include on building and car signage, on company clothing and stationery. Your logo needs to be a unique and recognisable representation of you, and your products and services.

Both of these logos visually represent the business that they stand for.


Lavdik logo: representing a hair care e-commerce store specialising in a natural product that helps to grow hair faster. 

Fridum hair logo: representing a store that sales hair.

A logo is something that proceeds you in business. In this way, your company logo will either be lifting your potential customers' expectations of you or it may be working against you, projecting a negative image. The latter can often occur if your logo resembles a similar brand if your logo does not relate well to your company, or if it is unattractive or uses outdated fonts or simply an outdated design.


Is changing your logo a good idea?

If you have a strong logo then yes, you could use it indefinitely BUT, what is good to remember is that a high percentage of the most well-recognised companies have evolved alongside their logo. Companies such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola, Shell, McDonalds and Apple have continued to refresh or recreate their brand to keep up with modern styles and ideas.

We offer re-branding, to give your logo new life. Re-branding can be very effective, and you can choose to launch a completely new design or keep some aspect of your design so it is still recognisable; this may be a shape or colour that is consistent in your old and new logo designs. Ask us about design and brand refresh, to add new life to your company profile and launch your company from a fresh new platform of modern creativity and professionalism.

Apple Logo DesignLogo left: Apple logo 1976 Middle: Apple's logo 1976-1998 Logo right: Apple's current logo.

If you need logo design services, Contact us today to discuss a new logo and brand, or a logo refresh for your company today.

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